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eXperience Cloud Consulting,
acronym XCC

XCC, part of the Alkemy group, is a company specialized in Cloud Computing and CRM solutions, with a specific focus on Salesforce. Our mission is to transform businesses through the implementation of customized processes for customer service, sales, and marketing.

  • Salesforce Consulting Partner
  • Business digitalization
  • Innovation

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Over 100 satisfied customers

  • Gianpiero Coretti
    Abbiamo scelto una piattaforma flessibile e aperta come Salesforce per la funzione HR di UFI Filters perché non volevamo scendere a compromessi nell’automazione di processi consolidati negli anni e che fanno ormai parte del nostro DNA. L’esperienza, la disponibilità e la flessibilità di XCC è stata determinante in un progetto che, partendo da zero, ci ha aiutato a costruire un HCM completo, semplice, intuitivo, scalabile e con DNA UFI Filters.
    Gianpiero Coretti
    UFI Filters Group Organization Development Manager & Region Americas HR Director
  • Nicola Ponchia
    Il processo di digitalizzazione nel gruppo UFI Filters prosegue spedito con l’adozione della piattaforma Salesforce anche in ambito HCM. Il partner XCC ci ha supportato e guidato in tutte le fasi del progetto, collaborando egregiamente con il Team UFI, permettendoci di raggiungere gli obiettivi sfidanti che ci eravamo prefissati.
    Nicola Ponchia
    UFI Filters Group Chief Information Officer
  • Silvia Bosani

    Salesforce was a winning choice, just like the decision to partner with XCC. We were able to bring our processes onto the platform in an agile and rapid manner, leveraging the tool's flexibility.

    Silvia Bosani
    People & Culture Director of Alkemy
  • Gioia Testa

    With XCC's support, we have equipped ourselves with a fully customizable CRM tool and marketing platform, essential for targeting development actions and increasing the competitiveness of our brand. XCC has assisted us in the analysis and implementation phases of the project, applying tools suitable for our company's reality, with an excellent ability to work alongside the NewGioco team, respecting the overall project objectives while showing great willingness to support additional needs and activities that have emerged during the development processes.

    Gioia Testa
    Marketing Manager of Newgioco Group
  • Alberto Forini

    With technological evolution, the customer has become increasingly aware and demanding. However, when the customer's needs are understood and interpreted, it is possible to foster greater loyalty and become more competitive in the market. Thanks to Salesforce and XCC, the Customer Centricity process is not depersonalized but, on the contrary, it establishes a lasting relationship with the customer. This relationship is formed through the efforts of the team and is also supported by the right tools.

    Alberto Forini
    CEO of Forini spa
  • Gaetano Scuzzarella

    For FIEGE, placing people at the center has always been an essential corporate value. Innovating in the HR field also means continuing to develop new solutions to enable better information exchange among employees. The idea of implementing one of the first projects to use Salesforce technology, with XCC, for the digitalization of HR processes in Italy, signifies declaring that FIEGE wants to position itself not only as a B2B company but also as an H2H company, which means human to human.

    Gaetano Scuzzarella
    Head of Finance, HR, Legal & Admin of FIEGE Logistics
  • Andrea Bazzaro

    Together with XCC, our team has found a tailored solution that meets our needs. Thanks to this digital integration journey, which places the customer at the center of all our processes, we have achieved significant results in a very short time. drastically improved our efficiency, to become more robust in an ever-changing market.

    Andrea Bazzaro
    Marketing Manager of Moroso
  • Vittorio Mascia

    The collaboration with XCC has been essential to take the company's processes to the next level. Thanks to the great understanding with their specialists, we have made Salesforce a dynamic and highly optimizing tool that we are confident will continue to ensure a significant increase in overall productivity. We can feel fully satisfied with this project and the collaboration with XCC.

    Vittorio Mascia
    Customer Marketing and Technology Director